Let’s start out with a franken polish

Now, that I finally decided to try my hand at blogging about nail polishes, I wanted to start with something original. And what’s more original, than your own custom polish, I ask? 🙂

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This is actually a second franken I’ve done since my fascination with polishes started to present itself in its current force. I’ve always liked interesting polishes, apart from a mediocre interest in make-up, that’s the most “girly” thing I was ever fascinated by, since I hate shopping (well, not shopping for nail polish, of course), my sense of fashion is not too developed, I guess.

The first franken was just a loose glitter dunked into a half-full mini bottle of clear polish and it all ended up sunken at the bottom. Without the mixing ball, it’s hard to get it mixed into the polish again, so I call it a semi-success. Not bad, for a first try. I’ll post a picture of a manicure done with it sometimes.

This franken is a step up – two eye shadows and a lot of shaking. It’s getting more complex, I wonder, where I’ll and up 😉 The beautiful thing about this kind of frankening is that you can use up broken eye shadows, or shades that don’t like for some reason (formula, pigmentation, etc.) This polished is mixed with a Lancôme eye shadow Color Design 901 Pearly pink and one from S-he Stylezone – black with silver glitter (that was forever all over my face, so I don’t use it at all). The pink is an iridescent one, and also a bit too light for me. Mixed together in a polish however, they create an interesting grey with strong pink iridescence/shimmer and scattered tiny silver glitters. I don’t have any polish similar to this and I love the colour.

The down side with eye shadow polishes is, in my opinion, that you’ll probably never get 100% smooth one. There always are some bigger crumbs that just won’t break. If I’ll ever get my hands on mixing balls, I’ll try and maybe it’ll help. Otherwise I learned, that if the clear polish used sucks (ie. Bubbles or long drying time), the franken will suck as well (surprise surprise!) Thankfully most of the bubbles were taken care of by my currently favourite “cheaper” topcoat – NYC Turbo Dry. In the future, I’ll try to use better base polish and/or buy suspension base for the glitter, because I’m starting to like frankening!


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