An Emergency manicure

As I was enjoying my sunday afternoon, preparing to cover my nails in lots and lots of glitter, my mother decided that I had to go to run an errand instead of her. At that moment, I had already painted my nails with peel-off basecoat and two fingers were freshly covered with 1 coat of glitter. So… I had to ged out in 20 minutes. What to do… you can’t really peel the basecoat until it’s dried for at least a few hours.

I decided to put on a very well pigmented khaki shimmer in dark base from Flormar, instead, I wouldn’t be able to fullfil my glittery plans anyway. This is photo of with my little finger already peeled halfway off. As you can see, the base comes off very easily. It’s really a great thing for glitter polish and/or when you plan to do an evening-out or special occasion manicure, since it’s not particularly resistant. If you try hard enough, you can always make a dent into the polish on top (that’s the whole point of a peel-off base, right?)

Essence (Ready for boarding TE) Peel off base coat

Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U30

NYC Turbo Dry Top Coat



2 thoughts on “An Emergency manicure

    • Yes, it did, at least this time… Well it might have been that the coat I put on was pretty thick, so the glue didn’t have enough time to dry thoroughly when I put the green polish on. But when I had it on the last time, with quite a thick application of glitter, the removal was a bit more difficult – the only place where a bit of the nail layer came off was where I already had a bit of demage, though.
      You could try a thicker coat, but then the polish will probably remain quite soft. I really think of this as strictly a “one night” kind of thing.

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