Braided Skittle Manicures

These are my to recent manicures. This was my first attempt on braided nail art. I had to choose three one-coaters and it was tough to find three that would somehow match. This was the best of my efforts and I quite like the colour scheme.

I like the technique, but I was always worried that there will be lots of bubbles… and guess what… this is bubble mayhem! And I’m out of Essie GTG :-/ so nothing much I can do about them. Anyhow… I love the overall look (from far far away…)

Essence 39 Lime up!
No name teal polish
Claire’s Two way nail pen

NYC Turbo Dry Top Coat


This pink-red-black skittle / ombre mani was originally intended for trying out an interesting layering polish from Gabriela Salvete, so I tried it out over various colos to see how it looked. Then I did another braid with the base colours, just to practice and I liked the result quite a lot 😉

The Gabriela Salvete is bright red jelly with midsized pinkish flecks and I love how it looks over the black.

Essence 111 English rose
NYC 235 Fine Red Wine
Oriflame Giordany Gold Nail Satin in Magnetic
Essence 144 Black is back
Gabriela Salvete 151

NYC Turbo Dry Topcoat



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