Essence – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, part 2

A picture heavy post, but it was simply necessary because the polishes from the Twilight BDpt2 TE are just wonderful and also pretty hard to photograph.

I fell in love with the three dark polishes from this TE as soon as I saw first swatches online. IRL they are even more beautiful and the flecks are just gorgeous. As some of the bloggers reviewing these polishes remarked, the formulas are very well pigmented, but somewhat a bit too thick (01 Jacob’s protection especially).

But it’s well worth the trouble. So far my favourite is 01 Jacob’s protection, which is dark base full of mostly blue, but also some pink and green flecks. My second favourite is 02 Alice had a vision – again, which is the less pigmented of those three, but the color is beautiful, it’s mainly purple flecks with some green ones in dark base. I also like the third one – 04 Edward’s love – a dark base with olive/gold/whatever color that is flecks… It’s nice, but I have a soft spot for gorgeous blue and purple polishes.

Besides these three beauties, I’ve also bought the grey flecky polish from Essence’s regular Color&Go range, because I’ve noticed only now, that it has some rainbow flecks hidden among the silver ones… They are hidden quite well enough but I hope I’ll be able to uncover some of them with the clever technique I’ve seen here on theย wonderful pshiiit blog.ย I haven’t tried this tip yet, but I’m sure I will.

I tried to edit the photos as much as possible so the colors pop up a bit, so the are some overly light, but I had to ๐Ÿ™‚ I also mattified the colors and it looks also very nice.


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