The moving is done, let’s polish

Hi guys,

so I’ve spent this weekend moving and settling in my new home/room in Brno. I’ve already had a welcome day in the new job and I’m looking forward to tomorrow, because I’m finally going to actually begin my training. Meanwhile I’m going to show you my first-day-at-new-work manicure… While getting to know the new town, I also managed to find some interesting polishes (how unexpected 🙂 ) Since the Catrice stands can be found in this beautiful town, I’ll probably end up buying bunch of their polishes, because I love their colors and LE’s. This mani is in fact consisting of all three of the new polishes I bought yesterday. The base is a gorgeous purple-grey in brushed metal finish (which basically means matte and grainy to the touch – I’ll post a mani where it can be seen better later), the effect is quite interesting, but since you can’t really put a topcoat on it, I worried it wouldn’t survive long enough today. Anyhow, I also wanted to try out the other polishes I bought. So I ended up covering the matte polish with the Smoky top coat – a black jelly with a lot of small and big silver glitter. I expected it to be a very sheer black jelly, but the result after 2 coats looks opaque enough that none of the grey beneath doesn’t show. I’ll see, how it’ll look on naked nails. This is my first jelly based polish with glitter and I just love the hidden glitters peeking from the glossy jelly.

After the jelly try-out, I also added a flashy accent with the a Gold leaf top coat. This one is light gold mix of tiny and medium hex glitters, it’s wonderfully smooth and I think 2-3 coats would completely bedazzle your nails. Which I’m also going to try, of course 😀

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 900 Steel my heart

NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat 001 Rock Muse

Catrice Gold Leaf Top Coat LE SpectaculART

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