First week on my own…

Now that was one busy week, so many things to do, so many places to go (yes, by that I mean new drugstores and new polishes 😉 ) I’ve been also waiting for my new Rimmel polishes I’ve ordered from ASOS. They are the Precious Stones in Ruby Crush and Diamond dust. While waiting for them, I discovered that HM in Brno indeed carries cosmetics as well, which means polishes! And gorgeous ones at that. I picked up two that were quite festive, mainly if you combine them. Then, after I got the Rimmel polishes, I tried them on as well. The base color gets covered in two layers, so that’s really as good as “High coverage glitter” on the bottle promises. The only downside on those is, that they are very rough on the nail. Not even 2 coats of NYC Turbo Dry smoothed them out.

H&M Je t’aime – gorgeous red with goldish shimmer

H&M Confetti time – mid sized gold hex glitter, mid sized pink and blue hex glitter, assortment of tiny glitters – red, orange, silver, in a clear base, plus it has gorgeous bottle

Rimmel Precious Stones 001 Diamond Dust – dense silver glitter with small holographic hexes

Rimmel Precious Stones 002 Ruby Crush – dense red glitter with small silver hexes


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