‘Twas A Magical Night

Sorry for the pause, but things have been crazy lately…

When been browsing the drugstores, lately I got used to glancing over the MaxFactor stands just to check, if in some mysterious coincidence a Fantasy Fire Max Effect made it’s way between the other Max Effect polishes they normally have… And it did… I was very suprised to say the least, I mustn’t underestimate small drugstores anymore 😉 I really wouldn’t expect a small DM drugstore in Ostrava to have this relatively rare polish.

So… I bought three, because the bottles are TINY! And they don’t even say how much polish there actually is… nevermind. It’s well worth it, and for approx. 4Euros/5$, that’s fine by me (on ebay, they’re sold for 10-15 $, heh).

Anyways, if you have never heard of MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, take a look here at some of the pictures of better quality than mine to see, what the fuss is about. It’s a multichrome glittery layering polish in purple base which flashes from red/copper to amber and green and is veeeeeery sparkly. No wonder they call it Unicorn pee 😀 The effect is affected by the base colour, as you can see in the link above… The darker the base, the stronger it gets. Also layering over purple polishes brings out its hidden pink. This polish is also a dupe for the famous Clarins 230 which is long since discontinued.

I couldn’t decide whether to use black or purple base, it’s wonderful with both, so I did a purple/black gradient and topped that off with the Fantasy Fire. I love it. LOVE.

NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost

Rimmel 60 Seconds 800 Blackout

Max Factor Max Effects 45 Fantasy Fire

NYC Turbo Dry

What about you…?


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