Christmas Jellies haul

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays… (insert a bit of sarcasm here, because I had to work on the 24th, which is when we celebrate Christmas here in Czech republic)… mine are very short, unfortunately.

But. That didn’t keep me from discovering a few new polishes in my local drugstores that rock big time.

First are these two jelly glitters from Golden Rose, this collection is called Jolly Jewels, in casee you want to google it 😉 The collection is full of very nice glitters in mostly milky jelly bases. The collection looks like lots of indie polishes I’ve seen around the internet, so I was surprised to find similar type of polish in a “mainstreem” drugstore.

The first two I’ll show you are my favourites from the collection. The pink polish is no. 105 and it’s pink milky/jelly base with tiny purple and midsized green glitter. I actually haven’t worked with a jelly polish before, but I must say, that this one was very easy to use and 2 coats were enough for sufficient opacity, since the glitters cover a lot. The teal is a wonderful milky/jelly and slightly shimmery base with small silver and midsized gold glitter. This one is slightly denser glitter-wise, but the base has the same texture. If you work carefully, you can do only 1 coat, but I had to do a second layer to cover some unevenness.

Three more polishes from this collection to go 😉


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