Weekly round up

What a week it was… stressful, busy and cold… But I’ve had a time for my nails, of course because it’s usually one of the things that relax me. Not so much time to blog about them, but I’m hoping to make it up today 😉

This first mani is a swatch of 2 of the new Miss Sporty Metal Flip duochrome polishes (all of the colours for example here). I’ve used black creme as a base, to see the colour shifts easily. Both of the polishes have very strong color shifts, mainly in natural light. The lighter one is blue-green-violet shifter, very nice effect indeed. The darker is bronze-green-purple and some other colors as well, depending on the light. Gorgeous color. The only issue I had with them was a bit of bubbles. Since the color is shimmer, it was a bit noticeable.

The second mani is perfect, if I may brag a bit… the color combo is one of my favourites… teal and purple/pink… the metallic teal Gabriela Salvete as a base and crackle pink glitter from Essence on top! It’s freaking awesome. I wore it for three days, which is saying how much I loved the mani.

The latest mani is another fishtail skittle, this time in winter-y blue color scheme. I chose dull metallic grey from Catrice, midnight blue shimmer from Gabriela Salvete Notte and bright teal from Essence.

All is topped by Essence Better than gel nails top sealer


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