Barry M & Color Club haul

These are my latest new purchases from a czech retailer of Barry M and Color Club polishes. I love them, so very much. The Color Club is my first true linear holographic polish. Even if the holo is not as strong as I imagined, it still looks very cool and it’s beautifully pigmented, so I imagine it’ll be one coater. The other Barry M polishes are also great, and I can’t wait to try them all.

I’ve got a soft spot for a black sparkly polishes, so the one CC holo and a black w/ holo glitter from Barry M are obviously my favourites. You’ve already seen the textured polish, which is clearly the winner of the lot, but those black beauties are close seconds.

The cobalt blue polish is gorgeous shade of vibrant blue, I’ve tried to match my new dress colour, it’s close, but the dress is even brighter than that, so I’ll probably keep looking… or if you know of a colour close to this one (or see the product photo in the gallery) for an affordable price, let me know 🙂 I think the Bleu Majorelle from YSL is pretty close, but waaaaay out of my price range).

Last, but not least, the pink glitter topper is just my kind of sparkle… Even if  I don’t do pink very often, every once in a while, I appreciate a subtle pink glitter. And the holographic glitter in it sparkles like crazy 🙂


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